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@Pistachio Posts about Twitter Lists


I found this fascinating quote today:

Will Twitter Lists be integrated with Tweetdeck Groups.

 So it looks like Twitter is going to be handling this using "Lists" .
TWEET: RT @andybeal Be Warned, Twitter Lists Will End in Tears!
and see Twitters blog entry here:

The Twitterverse needs Twitter Group Syncing in their API. Help!?

I really like how tweetdeck groups sync between the iPhone client and the desktop client. I dont mean to rant here however there seems to be a major missing element to current microblogging technologies, specifically twitter and friendfeed. I wish that these same groups could be synced across all twitter applications and services like ubertwitter, friendfeed, peoplebrowsr, tweetgrid, etc...
Does anyone know when Twitter may have this functionality and if it is even planned?

Following all of the twitter masters

 Okay. I have tediously followed all of the "Twitter Masters" listed on this webpage.
I am hoping that by ambiently following these online marketing experts I will gleen a lot of marketing strategy and tactics in how to grow my own brand and influence on the web.