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How To Install Drush on MAC OSX running MAMP


Here are my notes on getting drush installed on my dev machine.
My command line notes are in (parenthesis).
Basically I have updated the directions from http://mblog.lib.umich.edu/DataDiscussions/archives/2010/09/how_to_install.html to work with my MAC OSX running Drupal on MAMP. I changed the links to needed files (Console_Table-1.1.3.tgz) and changed commands to work with MAC OSX (i.e. curl instead of wget).

How to fix an Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted Drupal Error on HostMonster

I had trouble with memory on a HostMonster server after trying to move a Drupal site over to them.
Here is the helpful directions from tech support that solved the problem.

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