Following all of the twitter masters

Submitted by bkenyon on Tue, 06/02/2009 - 02:15

 Okay. I have tediously followed all of the "Twitter Masters" listed on this webpage.
I am hoping that by ambiently following these online marketing experts I will gleen a lot of marketing strategy and tactics in how to grow my own brand and influence on the web. 
What I found most interesting is that most of these gurus had very similar blog designs and layouts so I will be utilizing a lot of their layouts in my site design. Keep posted for the updates.
As a helpful post to everyone out there I will tweet out to all of them at once and copy their twitter names to this post so you wont have to manually go out and find them like I did.

Britney Mega Fan

Chris Cree

Dan Hollings

Deborah Micek

George Dearing

Glen Stansberry

Glenn Hilton

James Walker

Jimmy Vee

Joel Comm

Jonathan Mead

K. Brian Kelley

LevelTen Interactive

Scott Tousignant

Survey Guy

Warren Whitlock