My Virtual Environments from EMAC@RPI , Dali and Kandinsky

Submitted by bkenyon on Fri, 05/22/2009 - 17:35

 I recently came came across my 2 3D Virtual Environmentsd VRML projects from college. Unfortunately it requires Cosmo player 2.1 [PC Version] [Mac Version] to view these projects but I am hoping to convert these into Flash at some point.

Here is the class website and my direct links:

Artist Statement

I am interested in re-examining traditional paintings through 3d computer graphics technologies and ask the question "What if painters had a computer in their toolset?".  By seeing these paintings three dimensionally we are able to think about them differently and possibly even see things in them that we didn't before. My goal was to create a new perspective to look at these images from and to give the viewer more power in choosing how to look at the piece. These two projects are the stem and a short exploration towards my final thesis project which will be bigger, more interactive, and will have a higher definition of detail to pull the viewer further into the piece.


Dali Persistence of Memory; Digital Extrusion

Kandinsky Composition 8; Digital Extrusion