Google's new video chat gmail integration push will leapfrog Apple's Facetime

Submitted by bkenyon on Thu, 08/26/2010 - 08:46

So after seeing Google's new promotion of their gmail integrated video chat (, and adding Linux support ( I came to this conclusion;
Google's new video chat gmail integration push is the first step toward Android phone integration and its effort to leapfrog Apple's facetime. This will potentially create true web to phone, phone to web (via gmail) video chat experience.
This would be the ultimate ease of use scenario for having video chats with your contacts bypassing the need for hopping into a proprietary, only if Steve Jobs or the phone companies allows it system.
Frankly I cant wait to click on my phone to initiate communication, see that my contact is online on their gmail account, and initiate a video chat from my phone directly to them at their desk without paying for any extra services. The core benefit is both of us don't need to own iPhone 4's or be stifled through the awkward waterdowned Skype phone experience. We can also use any desktop, laptop, Android, or jailbroken iPhone system we like to video chat with each other.  The only requirement will be to have a Gmail account and a webcam and a phone with a front facing camera.
 And with Andoid operating phone sales ready to overtake iPhone 4 users ( it will be only a matter of time where the userbase is all there, and oh by the way the full communications conduit is pushed by 1 "Not Evil" company.
Here's hoping that Google does this right.