The Twitterverse needs Twitter Group Syncing in their API. Help!?

Submitted by bkenyon on Fri, 08/21/2009 - 12:11

I really like how tweetdeck groups sync between the iPhone client and the desktop client. I dont mean to rant here however there seems to be a major missing element to current microblogging technologies, specifically twitter and friendfeed. I wish that these same groups could be synced across all twitter applications and services like ubertwitter, friendfeed, peoplebrowsr, tweetgrid, etc...
Does anyone know when Twitter may have this functionality and if it is even planned?
An article written over a year ago mentions this functionality… however this actual functionality has never seemed to surface.
Currently I am drowning in a stream of 1000+ following and Groups like I have in friendfeed, and facebook seem like they will be the only way to save me. Some sort of standard grouping functionality would allow me to take this to the next level in terms of organization and focus on the groups of people I would like to interact with at a given time.
For that matter some sort of master social graph grouping microformat open standard is needed.
Does anyone know about any of these?
In the meantime Ill need to stick tightly within the confines of groups in Tweetdeck and friendfeed, peoplebrowsr, and socialscope in hope that someday group syncing comes together. As a safety precaution I will also try and backup my twitter groups.