What I thought Yahoo would do with Delicious... (no its not shutting down)

Submitted by bkenyon on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 16:37

So all the rumors appear not to be true...
Yahoo is not shutting Delicious down.
It actually scared a couple tweets out of me.

I think Yahoo should use the data in delicious as a peer analysed and tagged way of making their search results better.

This is the killer app that will beat any algorhythm.


Social Bookmarking makes for almost instant categorization and tagging of shared URLs via the social graph.

Delicious links are also counted in many of the SEO analysis tools out there in determining siteranking for given keywords.
With these advantages if Yahoo can leverage the semantic data within the delicious bookmarks they could make their SERPs better and help bring on the dawn of Web 3.0...
The Semantic Web