#DeepWork - Timesheet - #GTD Time Use Matrix - TimeBoxing - Goal Alignment Worksheet

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Here is a workbook I created awhile ago that I use to help determine where my time is going and to better organize my workflow for the day. This is inspired by Deepwork and Getting Things Done (#GTD) other Time management and tracking resources.

Why use the Deepwork Timeboxing GTD Timesheet?

Use this sheet to help plan and track your day and align your goals and priorities so that you will know where your time goes and can plan on when to get your goal highlight(s) accomplished.

How To Use the Deepwork Timeboxing GTD Timesheet?   

Print 1 copy for each day. Use consistently for 1 week to see where all your time goes, and help align what you do to your consistent goals.
Continue using this sheet if it helps to track your time across various clients or projects if you are an hourly / project-based worker like a lawyer or marketer at a Marketing and Advertising Agency.

Why Print the Deepwork, GTD, timebox timesheet on Paper?    

Paper allows for a fresh distraction free place for you to jot notes, to-do items, and plot your time to plan your day. After the sheet is completed at the end of the day take a picture of it with your smartphone for backup.

The Deepwork, GTD, timebox timesheet process.                          

1    At the beginning of the day time block out your 60-90 minute highlight goal along with any other known or planned meetings and activities.
2    Write down your 3-5 goals or #DeepWork sessions of the day (A-E) columns
3    As you progress through the day fill in each 15 min block upon completing or shifting focus from that activity.
4    Add any new activities, projects, or goals as they come up throughout your day as they come up in columns (F-I) and take notes in Column (N)
5    If you leave the time tracking sheet at your desk take notes during that time of what you did and for how long and then transfer it back to the sheet when you get it.
6    At the end of a week of recording add up your hours to see where your time was spent and if it aligned with your assumed time blocks.

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