Microsoft could kick Apple's and Google's a$$ if they were better marketers.

 When I see things like this I realize that its not that Microsoft isn't as innovative as Apple or Google. Its that they just dont market their products or vision well. Microsoft's Future Vision 2019

My Passion = Connecting People


 I am passionate about producing creative websites and marketing solutions that connect people online and meet business objectives. I bring vision, creativity, enthusiasm, team spirit, and hard work to help production teams reach their goals and grow their influence. I produce great websites and grow online market share through effective discovery and design, compelling content, strategic online marketing efforts, and efficient implementation.

@Pistachio Posts about Twitter Lists


I found this fascinating quote today:

Will Twitter Lists be integrated with Tweetdeck Groups.

 So it looks like Twitter is going to be handling this using "Lists" .
TWEET: RT @andybeal Be Warned, Twitter Lists Will End in Tears!
and see Twitters blog entry here:

The Twitterverse needs Twitter Group Syncing in their API. Help!?

I really like how tweetdeck groups sync between the iPhone client and the desktop client. I dont mean to rant here however there seems to be a major missing element to current microblogging technologies, specifically twitter and friendfeed. I wish that these same groups could be synced across all twitter applications and services like ubertwitter, friendfeed, peoplebrowsr, tweetgrid, etc...
Does anyone know when Twitter may have this functionality and if it is even planned?

UI / UX Design Pattern Repositories

Here is a very useful list oif user Experience (UX) Design Patterns that I came across in a linkedin discussion. Feel free to comment and add any more Design Pattern Repositories that have been missed.


Over the Air (OTA) Blackberry Application download stores

Not all of you may be aware but there are other over the air application download stores other than the main blackberry store.
Here is a list of all the OTA download store links for your downloading pleasure.
BlackberryCool App Store:
Blackberry App World:
Crackberry App Store:

5 Questions to keeping you from taking on too much and to Know your Limits


Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to make sure you are not taking on too much.
1 Is this consistent with my priorities?
2 Is this within my area of competence?
3 Can someone else do it better?
4 What do my trusted friends say?
5 Do I have the time?
Great questions that I heard on The Leadership Moment Podcast - Know Your Limits

How to fix an Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted Drupal Error on HostMonster

I had trouble with memory on a HostMonster server after trying to move a Drupal site over to them.
Here is the helpful directions from tech support that solved the problem.

Following all of the twitter masters

 Okay. I have tediously followed all of the "Twitter Masters" listed on this webpage.
I am hoping that by ambiently following these online marketing experts I will gleen a lot of marketing strategy and tactics in how to grow my own brand and influence on the web. 

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